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16 foot super Gheenoe umbrella,...

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Hi folks, I'm new to this forum and this is my first posting,... I live down here in Southwest Florida, Fort Myers,.. I will be picking up my newly made 16 foot super Gheenoe in a couple of weeks and thought you may be able to help me with a question. It's beginning to heat up a bit and I think I may need an umbrella and also it becomes very rainy for short periods in the evenings,... my question is what would be the most appropriate size umbrella for my 16 foot Gheenoe,.. thank you very much for the help, this is a wonderful group of boaters here on this forum,...
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I use a 6’ in a seasucker rod holder when my wife is on the boat, my pro is 17’8 and it works fine. Nice thing with the seasucker is if it’s in the way you can just release the suction and move it somewhere else. Mine is normally mounted on the side of my cooler.
Thanks snooky,.. that looks like the perfect size and I will also be looking into that seasucker you mentioned,... thanks for the tips and the quick reply,..
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