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This is a 2001(I think thats right but Ill check on it and update if needed but I know its close to that) HiSider sitting on a 2006 trailer. Ive got a couple of extra things for it like a pair of life jackets(fishing ones), a couple of full size paddles, a marine battery, a spare tire for the trailer, has a platform built up for the rear(makes a good poling platform for those with good sea legs).

It used to have an electric jackplate on it with a 15Yam (perhaps some of you remember) but now has just the mounting holes. I will fix up the holes for you if you want me to, or I can leave them.

Located near dean and 50, in east orlando.

Looking for around $900 but Im in the mood to negotiate so...

Call me if your interested 4077183477 or email [email protected]

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