15" transom, highest HP

Discussion in 'Outboard Maintenance' started by lorimc1, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. lorimc1

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    In looking at new motors, the highest HP i can find that comes in 15" is a 25hp.
    It doesnt have to be new, what else is out there in a higher hp that comes with a 15" mid.

    cant find any 15" with TnT? is this a pipe dream or do i need to go to 20" to find it. I know i can get a cnc TnT but would perfer to have it on the motor.
    Oh yeah, Im looking for a tiller. (I just want everything dont I ;) )

    Thanks CMD
  2. Brett

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    Merc makes a 4 stroke 40 short shaft,
    I think tnt is an option

  3. lorimc1

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    Brett is it a tiller or a conversion?

  4. Brett

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    The carbed 40 says tiller, but it's gas assist tilt.
    the 30 EFI is tnt and tiller


    Tohatsu has a 40 short with tnt


    and a 50 short

  5. firecat1981

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    Where have you been looking, every manufacturer that I've been looking into has atleast up to 30hp with a 15' shaft and TnT, except suzuki.
  6. mark_gardner

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    brett is correct, the short shaft tillers above 25 hp are rare and in most cases will need to be shipped due to the fact theres not a hugh demand for them and dealers wont usually stock something that isnt a quick mover but they can be found, check tohatsu's web site they should be listed there :cool: