SOLD/EXPIRED 15 hp honda outboard for sale 4 stroke

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    I have a 15 hp honda outboard that I want to get rid of thats been sitting in my garage for a while. I originally had it on my Carolina skiff. It ran fine and everything for a long time but then it started acting up. Took it to a marine mechanic and he told me that there was a crack in the exhaust and that he wanted 1000 dollars to weld it. To make a long story short he gave the motor back to me in pieces I fixed the tiny crack with jb weld and put the motor back together myself.. The motor started right up but idled very high never could get it to idle right so basically just left it in the garage. Its a 4 stroke and I think the year is 98 or maybe a little younger. I want 300 obo make some offers.