14' LuCraft w/30 hp 2stk

Discussion in 'Prop Shop' started by 65lbsailfish, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. 65lbsailfish

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    Trying to get it right. The Lu is a flat bottom skiff, (Like the one for sale) trolling motor, 2 batts and a cooler for the beer. The motor is a 2 smoke Yamaha with mariner stickers. I'm running a 9 7/8 X 13 prop right now and I have no top end. :-[ Anybody have a sugestion of what prop I should try. Thanks, KP
  2. Brett

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    What rpm's are you turning at full throttle?

  3. 65lbsailfish

    65lbsailfish I Love microskiff.com!

    Finally got the boat out and got her wound up to 4750-4800 rpms, registered 23 kt on the gps. I think i need to go down to a 12p. Anyone have have a prop I could borrow to ck out performance?
  4. Brett

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    Dropping down an inch in pitch should increase rpms about 200.
    I'd try an 11 inch pitch also, try to get the rpms up to 5200.
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    SnookNreds gets back on the 13th. Send him a message then and see what he is using.
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    Russ I run a 25 Hp though so it is probably differant.  Maybe if you stop by the house to check the splash well trough poke your head in the back and take a look at what is on the skiff?

    I hope you had a great Christmas and a fun and SAFE New Years!!  I can not wait to put you on some fish and enjoy some more GREAT conversations while putting a few cold ones down!
    Thanks again for all of your help and knowledge on the Robalo, you are the MAN!!

    Talk with you soon,