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13' Indian River

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Well as bad as I wanted to build a skiff it's just not practical right now due to space and I'd rather get a little more experience before building a whole boat so I hopped on craigslist looking for a cheap gheenoe or square stern canoe. When I say cheap I mean I was only wanting to spend a few hundred, which I found a 13 foot indian river square stern canoe for $100. It was fiberglass like I wanted, had the design and style I was looking for, and it floats! Just needs some paint and other accessories. I am able to stand and paddle it no problem, but I'm also going to be adding outriggers and a fishing platform not to stand on but for storage while fishing plus it will add weight to the front/center so the bow isn't so lifted up. The 7.5hp is obviously too big so I'm looking for a smaller motor. But other than introducing the new boat with a long post, here it is.


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