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13' Gheenoe Seat Question

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Hello All,

I recently purchased a 2015 13' Gheenoe and the front and rear bench have these rusted screw hole spots where I am assuming a seat had been attached previously? What is the best way to remove the old and replace with newer as I would like to add a seat for my kid on the front bench? I am new to this whole boat thing, so I am cautions when doing some things so I don't personally ruin my small investment.

Also, what would I look for to replace the rusted ones once removed? (ie... What are they called?)

Thank youin advance for any help or knowledge.

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Hey Fatsbaby nice looking "unmolested" 13 it doesnt evev have one cupholder attached with nonstainless screws! Whatever type seat you choose please make it white:')

Also, it may be a little work but a forever fix to the seat mounting question is cutting out an access hole and adding a screw on lid. You may need to remove a little foam to reach the mounting holes but once done with stainless hardware you never have to access again. If you decide to remove the seat permanently to add a deck it is easy peezy. I usually put a few bucks some matches and a couple cheap emergency rain ponchos, and the registration in a small waterproof bag inside the cavity cause you never know!

Enjoy that 13 it is a forever keeper to pass along someday to your new fishing partner........
Oh yeah that boat should be in the family slaying fish for years to come. Heck, you might as well tell him someday he will be attempting to impress a girlfriend with a cruise down the river and he will think back and remember when you told him that.
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1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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