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13' gheenoe repair questions

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So i picked up this gheenoe a couple of months back in a trade for a kayak. I was informed it needed some F.G. work on the bottom mostly keel area. This is what I got so far.

These are pictures from when i First got the boat home and a shakedown to see how I liked the rig.

Shakedown/test with 6hp and home made stake out pole.

I have began work on the keel inspecting and removing most of the prior owners repair on the keel, I haven't found anything that would have made him do all this other than he wore the paint off the keel. I found quite a few air pockets in his glass work so I've pretty much removed all of that. Now here's my plan should i just run a 6" strip of glass up the keel and blend it with the hull with sanding and paint her up or is there something I am missing ? I know i need to prep the serfice properly ie. sanding then remove all dust with my shop vac or a rag and then acetone the work area, apply resin to the work area and the glass and work the air pockets out of the glass before it kicks off. Am I on the right track ? Is there something you would do diffrent ? Any input good or bad is appreciated thanks guys.

Here is the boats current status.

I will build up the glass in little squares where the drain is where you can see it appears this noe has seen some truck bed loading before i lay the 6" strip.

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