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Up for sale is my 13’ Low Sider with 4hp Yamaha.

This is my truck rig. Slide in back of truck and launch anywhere. Pretty bare bones on it. Previous owner added some sort of swivel seats. I removed the front one, but back swivel is still in place, just no seat on it. Looks like they cut an access, bolted it in, and re-glassed. Has a small jack plate, not sure if factory or not. Front seat has a hatch on it and room for tackle storage inside. Other than that, basic 13' setup with the center compartment.

Due to it being a truck rig it does have its fair share of dings and scrapes. Gel coat is a little faded. I did wax the right side about 5 times awhile back and it brought some color back. Would be a good candidate for a poly or slick bottom, repaint, or just run it as-is.

Good - Florida titled boat. Doesn’t leak. Nice running and clean Yamaha outboard. Motor starts with 1-2 pulls, and idles well.

Bad - Fair share of scrapes and dings.

Won’t win you an award at a gheenoe rally but will get you from point A to B, and fit in just about any truck.

Price - $800. Comes with the motor stand.
Located in Lake Panasoffkee, Fl.


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