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Run by the same guys that run the "FFT" out of Flamingo.

When: October 25, 2014
What: Snook, Redfish, Trout . . . biggest one of each.
How: CPR . . Catch Photo Release (Superintendents Compendium, 2014)
Cost: $40/boat
Winner Take All (pending number of boats)

Option: Just showing up for dinner and hanging out with the crew if you do not want to put any skin in the game.

Rules: Just follow the park rules, fish anywhere you like, have a RIGID measuring device, secret item will be passed out at dinner and must have a digital camera. Other than that, fair game. Lines in, no earlier than 7AM. We'll pass out and go over the rules of engagement on Friday, but if you are new, they are the same at

Schedule: Location Is Seafood Depot at 7PM for Dinner on Friday the 24th to pass out some stuff required, hang out at the local bar afterwards, fish on Saturday and meet up at TBD location to distribute the cash and just chillax. As we try to plan the event is important to understand the number of teams attending

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