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08 Nissan 2 Stroke 9.9 Trouble...........

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The other day my trusty 2 stroke started acting up. After a 5 mile run up river, we fished for 6 hours. Ran fine on the way up. After fishing, it didnt want to start. Had to crank 5 or 6 times before it started. Then it died 3 or 4 times before it would stay running. Once we took off at wot, it would run wide open and then stall out but not die and then kick back up to full speed

Took the plugs out and they looked dry but pretty stained. Getting plenty of gas to the carb. Havent actually pulled the carb out to clean yet. Local hardware didnt have the right plugs, so I havent changed those yet.

Any suggestions?

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Thanks, Bros.

I changed the plugs and pulled/cleaned the carb yesterday. Ran like new today.
Hey Trekker, sorry I missed this one man! I’m not sure on that one but is the fuel pump part of the carb? If not, you might want to rebuild/replace it also as it is now 12 years old if original! Glad you got her going man!
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