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I've been wanting a Super 16 for a while now, and now that i (almost) have a 13 to hold me over, i'm gonna let my baby go. This sale is pretty much everything but the motor, with a few exceptions...

So here's what i'm including:

Platform w/cushion Fresh P. Coating and Starboard & 3 Rod Holders

Center Console Cushions
Tilt Steering Wheel w/cable
Binacle Throttle
Throttle and Shift Cables
T/M Mount
PP Holders
Hella Marine Swith Panel
4 Flip Out Cup Holders
Ped. Seat Mount on Deck
3 Rod Holders on Port
5 Rod Holders on Starboard
Ritchie Flush Mount Compass
Bilge Pump
6 6" Red LED's
Shark Eye Nav Lights
Duel Batt. Switch
Weather Proof Cd Holder Thingy

.. and probably some more stuff i can't think of

Main things not included are:

Cd Player
Trolling Motor Fuel Tank
RAM Mounts
Fish Finder
Tiny Tach (gotta stay w/the moter)
Pirate Flag
and the Girl....

Asking $4500

The Build Up Link

You can call me @ 321-890-5296 or Pm me, smoke signals, morse code, whatever.


I Love!
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Would you consider seperating the pole holder in the second pic? The one with the orange stripe? :eek:
Sorry to see that thing go it is so cool!

Don't Float the Mainstream
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can't get rid of that pole holder ;) but price reduced to $3800. got a Super 16 in the mold!!!!!

trailer is now included as well
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