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  1. Outboard Maintenance
    Having annual maintenance done on the Yamaha F70 and found a little fishing line around the prop shaft. Everything looked ok, but there was just a little bit of water in the gear oil (but the color was fine). Should I pressure test the lower unit to make sure all the seals are ok?
  2. Outboard Maintenance
    I have a 2016 Yamaha F70 with 110 hours. It runs smooth and efficiently, but lately (since about 90 hours) it has trouble starting for the second or third run of the day. It fires up immediately at the ramp, but after I have fished a spot for an hour or two, I’ll try to crank it and it will die...
  3. Outboard Maintenance
    Had a certified Yamaha tech out to the house to do the 100 hour service on my F70. Nice young man, did a great job, was meticulous and personable. Price was very reasonable--so I even tipped him $50. Mike Kilcrease is his name. 954-225-5375.
  4. Outboard Maintenance
    When I change out my impeller do I need to change out the housing, gaskets etc. In other words, I bought the whole water pump kit for $100 but I also have just a new impeller. Everything looks good in the lower unit so I wasn't sure if I couldn't just clean the housing etc and put in ONLY the...
1-4 of 4 Results