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  1. General Discussion
    First post new member I'm running a new Yamaha 25hp with about 10 hours on it. It's mounted to a 1990 1542 duracraft. With me and my wife an turning right at 4970 to 5010 rpms on hardline tach. 20-21mph. That's using factory prop 9 7/8 x 11. What should i drop the pitch down to to get the...
  2. Port side view of the Loophole

    She'd been up on her trailer for months undergoing repair work involved in replacing her center console with a more compact version.
  3. Prop Shop
    Just wondering if there were any opinions on whether there's a prop out there that people find works better than the OEM aluminum prop the Yamaha comes with? My initial thought is that with only 25HP, a propeller may make some difference, but it wouldn't be as much as a propeller change on a...
  4. Introduce Yourself
    I grew up on an island in New Port Richey, FL. My parent's dock was on a bayou that is currently popular with a number of fishing guides for redfish and snook. It's where I currently keep my 16 foot flats skiff. I grew up fishing, but didn't get out much in college and law school. After...
  5. Steering Wheel Installed, Have Changed Consoles Since then

    This center console has since been changed for a much more compact fiberglass version. Only problem is, now my rotary steering system won't work. The helm cracked. Presumably from the pressure. I've got the top mounted throttle. When combined with a steering wheel, there's little room below.
  6. General Discussion
    What are your thoughts on this engine, has anyone tried one out yet? I am considering one to replace my 2004 Mercury 25HP 2-Stroke on my Custom Gheenoe with center console. At 126 pounds the new engine would only be 12 pounds heavier than my current 2-stroke and can include power trim among a...
1-6 of 6 Results