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  1. WTB 8WT - ZONE / RECON (GEN1) / Maverick

    Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    Looking to purchase an 8 wt - either a T&T Zone, Orvis Recon (1st gen), or Sage Maverick. Let me know, looking to make purchase in the next week or 2 as I leave for Alaska at the end of the month. (y)
  2. Please delete mods!

    Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    looking for nautilus, hatch, tibor, and similar in the 11wt range and don't want to spend a crazy amount. PM or text (386) 212 7850 thanks in advance! -will

    Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    In the market to buy a flats boat. Looking at Hewes redfishers, rangers, action crafts and sterlings. 16-18ft. 18K $ budget. Thanks! Located in central Florida but will travel for the right boat.
  4. WTB: 1190-4 Sage One

    Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    Looking for an 1190-4 Sage One
  5. ISO casting platform

    Misc for Sale
    Recently bought a Gheenoe LT25 with a raised front deck. Looking to buy a casting platform for it, I appreciate any feedback.
  6. ISO/WTB East Cape Gladesmen [PURCHASED]

    Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Looking for an ECC Gladesmen that is fish ready and no issues. Preferably with a well maintained 15hp+, poling platform/accessories, and trailer. Have up to $6.5k cash to spend. Looking to pickup next week. I'm located in Jax. Let me know what you've got. Thanks.
  7. WTB: decent saltwater 6wt or 7wt outfit

    Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    im posting this thread for my buddy who wants to get into to fly fishing, primarily fresh but we will also be throwing lines in the salt. Budget is around 600.
  8. WTB: nautilus nv-g 8/9 rh

    Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    looking to buy a lightly used nautilus nv-g 8/9 right hand retreive
  9. WTB Used Poling Skiff, 15-17 feet, Price Range is 15-30k, Preferably in FL

    Microskiffs For Sale
    Looking For: Shallow Draft Low Engine Hours Good Condition Poling Platform + Pole Trolling Motor Power Pole/Stick Pin Jack Plate Smaller 4 Stroke Outboard 1 or 2 Livewells Adequate Dry Storage Rod Holders Trailer Preferably located in Florida, South Florida would be even better Essentially just...
  10. ISO 10 wt Combo!!!

    Fly Fishing
    I’m looking for a used 10 wt rod, reel or combo. I’m not too picky on a particular brand; just want to see what’s out there, and hopefully avoid spending too much $ on something new.
  11. WTB Ranger Banshee or Banshee Extreme

    Microskiffs For Sale
    Hey everyone, I’m in search of a Ranger Banshee or Banshee extreme in Florida. Anything’s appreciated. Thanks
  12. WTB Tibor Freestone

    Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    Taking a shot in the dark here but im looking to purchase a Tibor Freestone (new or used) if anyone is willing to part ways with one. Ive spent more time on Ebay than id like to admit waiting and searching; there are very few listings within the past couple of years. When they pop up, they seem...
  13. WTB Honda Ridgeline

    Misc for Sale
    I realize this is a bit of a long shot. I'm looking for a 2006-2007 Honda Ridgeline, high miles, scratches, stains etc. are all fine. Budget is $5-9k dependent on miles. Just wanting a mechanically sound vehicle to tow. If someone knows of one for sale, or is looking to trade one in, there's a...
  14. Texas Coast Shadowcast 18 Wet Test

    General Discussion
    Hey everybody, I have been really interested in both the Akona Shadowcast 18 and Copperhead. Capt. Marcus Haralson of Doc's Fishing Clinic was kind enough to let me wet test his Copperhead, and it was an excellent vessel; however, I wanted to reach out to see if there was someone around the...
  15. Looking for a Panga Marine 18' skiff

    Microskiffs For Sale
    I'm in the market for a second, larger vessel and am strongly leaning towards the 18' Panga Marine skiff. Budget is 20K and under, obviously depending on setup. I'd consider tiller or console, and prefer 4-stroke power. If you or someone you know wants to move one, pm or email me at evcfish at...