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  1. Need Major Help With J12 Build, will not plane 25hp Mercury EFI 4Stroke

    Boat Yard Basics
    Hello everyone I'm hoping some of you might have some thoughts and suggestions as to help me with my recent Carolina Skiff J12 build. I attached a few pictures below. I purchased the hull about a year ago and just recently bought a 2006 Mercury EFI 4 Stroke long shaft tiller off CL. With that...
  2. Early model gheenoe highsider motor options.

    General Discussion
    Hey ya'll I'm restoring a early model gheenoe highsider and I just finished up replacing and drastically strengthening the transom and hull. With the extra weight of the glass and the incorporation of a front and rear deck and false floor can I run a 15 hp outboard? 9.9s around hear a beat to...
  3. Gheenoe motor weight

    Boat Yard Basics
    Has anyone mounted a 25 hp 4 stroke on a Gheenoe Classic? I have a 2017 Classic, installed a new Suzuki 20 Hp remote with console in front of middle seat, battery up front. Recently I moved the console to behind middle seat, which works better for me and the wife. Motor weight is 124 lbs...