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  1. DIY Fishing St Martin & St Thomas

    General Fishing
    Looking for any information on fishing onshore or wading or kayak fishing on St Martin. My cruise will be there for the day on April 4th. I've tried to contact the only land based guide I found online but can not get a reply. Looking for general information on lures and or locations. I've heard...
  2. Manzanilla Costa Rica

    Fly Fishing
    We are doing a family trip to Costa Rica, Manzanilla area in mid February. Of course I will bring a couple setups. I know there is a lodge there for tarpon. I was wondering if anyone has fished that area and knows of any diy flats that I can wade? Thanks
  3. Tampa Bay area

    Fly Fishing
    Starting school at UT this fall, I'm from Naples and I'm bringing my 8wt H3 to live in my dorm with me. Does anyone have any spots I could hit wading/kayaking? Thanks
  4. Cabelas Flats Boots

    Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    These Flats Boots have only been worn one time for a 4 day trip to Andros Island to Bone Fish. They are size 11D. I hope the pictures adequately show the condition, which is basically new. I am asking $40, plus $20 to ship. If shipping is less than $20 I will put the change in the box. If it...
  5. Fort Desoto

    Florida Gulf Coast
    Looking for some help for good spots to wade around Fort Desoto. I have been there a few times with the paddle board but only cruised around the the pass on the north side where I saw some fish but didn't have a rod with me. The Island is so big and I only have a few hours to fish (weekday...
  6. Chest pack/Hip Pack/Sling/Backpack

    Fly Fishing
    For a day of walking the beach or stalking the flats, what is your go to pack to carry all the necessary fly gear? I have gone from a light backpack, to a sling pack, and now to a small chest pack which I really like. I'm curious if anyone has tried a waterproof hip pack or any "waterproof" pack...
  7. Best Redfish Flies for Summer in the Carolinas

    Fly Fishing
    How many of y'all use fly patterns for reds in NC, I'm going to do a lot of wading this summer behind Wrightsville Beach Figure 8 Island, if any of you fly fish around there what are your favorite patterns? I have not done any serious saltwater fly fishing yet, but I'm wondering if I should get...