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two stroke

  1. Power tech prop testing-Charleston SC

    Prop Shop
    Talked to Michelle at Powertech and this is what she recommended for my rig: RED 3 17, best bet for two stroke SCD 3 17, comparable but usually she puts them on 70 four strokes NRS 3 17 could be super fast Anyone run a power tech in these models in or near Charleston SC? Would like to get...
  2. Looking for Skiff- South Texas

    Microskiffs For Sale
    Specs I’m looking for: 16-18’ Skiff Center console 2 stroke motor Well kept No stress or Hull cracks Ideal for drafting SUPER skinny back lakes of south Texas, not looking for heavy v-hull. Location is not an issue, can pick up. Let’s see what y’all got!
  3. SOLD/EXPIRED Yamaha 90 two-stroke for sale

    Sold/Expired Classifieds
    i bought a Key West 1720 about a month ago and it's got a Yamaha two-stroke; it runs great. I don't know anything about the engine's history and don't see the serial number (I don't know all the places to look). I'm guessing it's a '99-2000 but again, I don't know for sure. I just know it's on...
  4. 2 Stroke, Which MFG?

    General Discussion
    I'm looking for a 2 Stroke (20-25hp tiller) in the near future for my 13'4" StumpNocker after I pay off a few things, and I was leaning towards the new Evinrude unless someone has a better plan. I really like the 4S's oil method etc but I do not like the weight and more moving parts w/a 4S. I...