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  1. Squirrelly boat while on plane?

    General Discussion
    Recently bought a 16foot poling skiff with a 90hp 2 stroke (will upgrade the outbound soon to a 4stroke) I’ve noticed while on planes running above 25mph the stern of the boat (back of the boat) acts “squirrelly” the rear of the boat kicks out left and right slightly? Kinda spooky. also...
  2. Jack Plate SetBacks?

    Florida Gulf Coast
    -So, I see some JPlates that have a setback of 4", 5", 6", & 7" + -Can I just pick a setback (in inches) that I want, and run with it? -I would like a 5/6" setback (I guess) to have room in case I need to lower my SShaft a little on a 20" T-Hull transom, but run now on my 15" transom until I get...
  3. Transom strong enough for transom mount platform?

    General Discussion
    Probably a newbie question here, but can most all transom's hold the weight of a 200 lb guy on a transom mount poling platform. Just seems like a lot of added stress on the transom to me. I have a 1992 scout 141 sport with a 2001 yamaha 40 2-stroke on it that weighs 191 pounds. 40 is its max HP...
  4. 12ft MFG skiff build update- pics!

    Boat Yard Basics
    Hello all- here is the latest update on my 1977 MFG skiff rebuild project- well due this corona craziness here in Ohio I’ll be working from home for a while so... time to get to work on this project! First thing first, the rotten transom- I’m glad I open it all up as the old wood came out like...
  5. Gheenoe Transom Replacement

    General Discussion
    Greetings, first time posting in this forum and I'm looking forward to some good discussion. I have recently acquired a 2001 Gheenoe Lowsider 15'4 with a damaged transom. Looking for tips on transom replacement as far as suggested materials and method of repair. I have never repaired a...
  6. Manual Jack plate for 15'4" Gheenoe

    Prop Shop
    Looking for more recent info, I was able to pull up some but it was from 2008 and 2010. and some of the companies suggested failed searches. Outdated web pages and or Facebook: Cajun Jacker, TSG, I did look into Bob's machine shop & Vance's Looking for Manual Jack plate for Gheenoe, I have a...
  7. Transom Bracket for Large Outboard-- $800 OBO

    Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    Selling an armstrong transom bracket that held a 300 Yamaha. Recently upgraded to a porta hydraulic bracket, so no longer needed. Price: $800 OBO Pick up is in Mount Pleasant, SC.
  8. Early model gheenoe highsider motor options.

    General Discussion
    Hey ya'll I'm restoring a early model gheenoe highsider and I just finished up replacing and drastically strengthening the transom and hull. With the extra weight of the glass and the incorporation of a front and rear deck and false floor can I run a 15 hp outboard? 9.9s around hear a beat to...
  9. Gheenoe motor weight

    Boat Yard Basics
    Has anyone mounted a 25 hp 4 stroke on a Gheenoe Classic? I have a 2017 Classic, installed a new Suzuki 20 Hp remote with console in front of middle seat, battery up front. Recently I moved the console to behind middle seat, which works better for me and the wife. Motor weight is 124 lbs...
  10. Trailering your outboard engine

    General Discussion
    On the heels of another discussion on jack plates, I have done some research on trailering your outboard engine and found interesting facts I was not aware of: (1) On the newer evinrude engines (in this case, mine), do not use the springed-tilt saver to trailer your engine. it is mean for...
  11. alot of CoreCell transom foam!!!80

    Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    (80) 3'X6'X 1 3/16" sheets of CoreCell 12lb transom and stringer foam for sale....location Islamorada or Ft. Pierce......$100/sheet [from CoreCell its 416$].....would ship [u pay] whole bundle or pick up one piece or more. PM me.
  12. Pouring Transom

    Boat Yard Basics
    Has anyone poured a transom or know anywhere that does it in the Orlando area? I have a 14' Johnsen/Mitchell and was thinking about redoing the transom before installing a poling platform. I know I can buy the materials for about $2-300 but I don't know the process. I do know how it works but I...