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  1. Transducer mounting help?? - Garmin 73SV

    General Discussion
    I bought a Garmin sidevu transducer, but do not have enough space to mount it on the transom. I have trim tabs and the transom is only 36" wide. I have heard of other mounting options and wanted to check here. Should I get one of the mounting arms that come over the gunnel or something like...
  2. WTB Lowrance Total Scan Transducer

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    I am looking to swap out my Structure Scan transducer with a TotalScan Transducer. Also, looking to sell the Structure Scan Transducer.
  3. ideas on Shadowcast 16 Transducer mount?

    Boat Yard Basics
    I'm sure this topic has been exhausted. Did a search, couldn't find anything specific to ankona Shadowcast 16. So, Any ideas on where to mount this long transducer (from Raymarine dragonfly) on the transom? I'd like to keep room for Trim tabs down the road. Any help would be greatly apreciated...
  4. How To Tape, Glue or Bond Aluminum Plate to HDPE?

    Boat Yard Basics
    I am adding my Lowrance Structure Scan Transducer to the rear of my skiff. The transducer is already bolted to a 6061 T6 aluminum plate the is form fitted perfectly to my hull. Now all I have to do is tape, glue or bond the aluminum plate to my high density polyethylene hulls, without bolts...
  5. Garmin Transom Mount ? Trolling Motor Mount Transducer for sale

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    8 Pin connector Brand New Never used Still in sealed plastic bag I decided to go with a through hull. $50 firm $89 value Will text pictures if interested
  6. Lowrance Total-Scan Transducer mounting location????

    Power it up with Electronics
    I was wondering if I can flush mount the transducer to the bottom of my hull. I know I'll expose it to damage but at 11" long, I don't know if a traditional mounting option would work. My boat is an East Cape Lostmen. If you're familiar with the boat, you know it has a recessed transom and...