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tohatsu 50

  1. Aqua Force Flyfisher / 50 Tohatsu $4,500

    Microskiffs For Sale
    2004 Aqua Force Flyfisher 15’ 2006 Tohatsu MD50B Minn Kota Riptide Piling platform with push pole NO TRAILER Cranking and trolling batteries fairly new. One under console other in aft compartment. Stake out pole with custom holder off bow. Deck was painted with Tuff-coat around two years...
  2. Tohatsu 50 Prop

    General Discussion
    I searched the archives of the forum for a thread but i cant find anything on Tohatsu aftermarket props. If anyone on here has experience changing theirs for added performance, I would appreciate some insight.
  3. Control box cover replacement

    Boat Yard Basics
    Hey all, Hope this is in the right thread! The control box cover for my 50 hp tohatsu flew off in the wind while a previous owner had her. I have screwed on one found at the junk parts store but can’t seem to get my hands on a new one. Tohatsu said they don’t inventory the part and that it will...
  4. Original HB whipray 99’

    Prop Shop
    My 16’ whip is now powered with a Tohatsu 50. I am running a Powertech 13p 4 blade. The whole shot is decent and top end around 5900rpm is 29-31mph by myself running light. Any suggestions on prop to get stronger performance.
  5. 1656 SaltMarsh

    Sold/Expired Classifieds
    1656 Saltmarsh for sale. Always garage kept. Continental Aluminum swing tongue trailer. 50hp. white Tohatsu motor still in break in period. 55lb. MK saltwater trolling motor. 2 Group 27 batteries with both hooked up to charging system on Tohatsu. Lowrance sonar. 2 pedestals and seats. 2...
  6. Tohatsu 50 idle— how to lower

    Outboard Maintenance
    Recently learned from Chittum that you can momentarily reduce the idle on Tohatsu 50 (I’m sure new 60 and probably other HPs too) by pressing the ignition key and holding it a few seconds. Sometimes there is a beep once idle goes lower. In my experience the normal idle is about 1000 RPM. When...
  7. 2017 tohatsu 50 hp 4 stroke

    General Discussion
    I have a 2017 tohatsu 50hp 4 stroke. It has a bad starter and I was told it’s a common problem on these motors and it would be on backorder for 3-4 weeks. So after 5 weeks I get a call and find out it’s not going to be here until late March!!! Seems crazy that such a new motor can have a part so...
  8. Got a new Jack Foreman prop today.

    Prop Shop
    Went and picked up the new prop today from Jack. It’s going on a tohatsu 50. Not able to test it until Thursday but will report back on performance. Jack said this is the one for running jacked way up and shooting out the hole. Here are a couple pics for those that are curious what it looks...