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  1. Outboard Maintenance
    Hey all. We have been having problems with the electric trim on the zuke DF30A on our Cayo 173. First the remote trim switch started acting up, but the one on the tiller still worked fine, then the one on the tiller started acting up. Now we have been put in a couple situations where the...
  2. Boat Yard Basics
    My 2003 Tohatsu, 30hp tiller has a bad seal on the stock trim unit. From ‘Y mechanic, looks like I’ll be spending quite a bit: $1,200-1,500 in order to replace, if I can get lucky and find a stock Tohatsu trim unit that will work. Does anyone else think that’s a bit much? I’m all for a skilled...
  3. Outboard Maintenance
    Hi All, Recently had the actuator go out on my (CMC PT-35 Tilt/Trim). Upon looking for a replacement actuator, I have come across a number of bad reviews for this unit. I was curious if anyone on this site has had any issues with this unit, or if anyone had any suggestions for a suitable...
  4. Outboard Maintenance
    I have a 95 Yamaha 40. #C40PLRT. I am looking for a new tilt trim unit as the old one has seized up and is not working. My question is do I need the same one or can I use another year that could be compatable? And if someone knows where I can find one "cheap" let me know!
1-4 of 4 Results