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tibor backcountry

  1. Tibor Back County CL Wide

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    Selling my used Tibor Back Country CL Wide in Satin Gold. This reel is in excellent condition. Only a few very minor surface scratches which are hard to even see. I did my best to note them in the pictures below. This reel was just serviced by the Tibor Factory so it is beautifully cleaned and...
  2. SOLD/EXPIRED WTB Tibor Backcountry CL Wide

    Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Any color will do, If you have one or know of one just sitting around, let me know!
  3. 8wt reel

    Fly Fishing
    Hey y'all, I am currently looking for a new 8wt reel for fishing the flats here in Texas, mostly for redfish and black drum. I've been seriously looking at the Tibor backcountry CL wide and was wondering if any of y'all have any experience with them or have any recommendations at a similar price...