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  1. Sold

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    Temple Fork Outfitters 4 piece rod TFO BVK 9wt rod excellent condition used only a few times and very fast rod $175—STILL AVAILABLE Rod is not serialized so you just register them online and you still have the lifetime warranty so if you ever break them you just send a check for $35 and they...
  2. Backup/Second Rod Thoughts

    Fly Fishing
    Long story short, after 2+ years I am out-growing my mangrove 8wt and looking to upgrade to a faster stick. However, at some point I'd also like to have another 8wt as a backup or second rod I can rig up for a different species while I'm on the water. Option 1 is to keep the mangrove and get...
  3. A message from Flip Pallot

    General Discussion
    In these troubled and changing times, Flip gives us all a message.
  4. TFO Mangrove 8wt Fly Line Pairing

    Fly Fishing
    I'm on the hunt for a floating line that will make my Mangrove 8wt setup sing. Right now I have a SA Bonefish line on it, and it's ok I guess. Maybe my expectations are too high for the rod, but it just doesn't *feel* right with that line. It's not a bad little rod, I just think it needs the...
  5. TFO Mangrove 9 weight for Sale or trade

    Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    9 weight TFO Mangrove for sale, never used, $200 or Would accept Trade for 8 weight TFO BVK or 10 weight TFO Mangrove
  6. TFO Mangrove 9' 8wt for Sale or Trade

    Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    Looking to sell or trade my TFO Mangrove. Bought in August and used once. Rod is in perfect condition and comes with protector cloth. Only looking to sell because my personal preference is a rod with a faster action. $225 OBO. Will entertain trades. PM me for pics if you are interested.
  7. 3Tand TF70 vs. TFO BVK II Fly Reel

    Fly Fishing
    Does anyone know how the 3Tand TF (50 or 70) compares to the TFO BVK II reel? I have the BVK reel on my BVK 6wt. rod. I like the weight and size of the reel, but I'm not the biggest fan of the drag adjustment knob. Most things I've read about the TF series reels have been positive, and they...
  8. New Mitzi 17 owner with questions.

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi all. I recently purchased my micro skiff. It's a 2004 Mitzi 17ST with a Yamaha 70. This is my first small boat and so far I love it. It does not have electronics currently, and the previous owner did not sell include the push pole with boat. Before I order a pole, I wanted to get some...
  9. SOLD/EXPIRED Sage RPLX 12 weight 3 piece nine foot fly rod $250. 1290

    Sold/Expired Classifieds
    I have a very nice Sage Rplx 12 weight frly rod for sale including the sock and rod tube in excellent condition for $250.00 The rod has been lawn cast only and the cork is in unblemished condition, and the rod is in excellent condition with no nicks. The rod has a fighting butt and a fighting...
  10. Any experience with the TFO Clouser rod?

    Fly Fishing
    There are several people on this board who seem to have thrown lots of different rods, so I figured someone might have some experience with the TFO Clouser Rod. I picked one up in a 7wt, and have had a little trouble with my cast. I think that maybe my flies are too heavy, or my line might not...
  11. SOLD/EXPIRED 6wt bvk and nautilus fwx 5-6

    Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Selling like new 6wt bvk with fighting butt and fwx 5-6 (black). Reel is like new and spooled with airflow tropical ridge bonefish line 6wt. $400 obo also looking for a 10wt fly rod 4 piece text austin at 228-382-2740 for pics