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  1. (SOLD) 2015 Skimmer Skiff in Texas

    Microskiffs For Sale
    2015 Skimmer Skiff with a 2015 Suzuki four stroke 20-hp (short shaft) tiller configuration and Continental galvanized trailer. This skiff is turnkey and currently set up for skinny water fly-fishing while poling 1 to 3 aboard. The skiff drafts 4 inches with 2 on board and an iced down Yeti 45...
  2. Seeking Improvement, Progressions

    Fishing Reports
    Fly Fishing - Spot N Stalk/Bay & Airboat Logistics We welcomed Andrew Harris and guests in from California for a three day stretch on the long rods. We approached the trip two ways to cover all possibilities. These included airboat approach for the ultra skinny fish along with our normal...