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  1. Hatch fly reels vs. nautilus

    General Discussion
    Hey everyone. So about a year ago I got a super good deal on a brand new nautilus silver king.... Didn’t take me long to realize it just can’t hold up to a 100lb fish. 15 drag turns into the fight, (hatch reels being a single turn drag) all you hear is grinding and scraping like worn out break...
  2. South Dade skiff, ankona, salt marsh

    General Discussion
    Looking to build and little snook / back country rig for Jupiter fl. Came across south Dade skiff, a true barebones boat looks good wondering if anyone has any experience or input. Also looking at ankona / salt marsh. Main uses would be fishing docks / poling the rivers and flats / cocktail...
  3. Catching baby Tarpon on Fly

    Bragging Spot
    went out with a buddy, and managed to hook a couple on the fly. If you like the vid please subscribe. It would mean a lot.
  4. Old Camps off Port Richey / Pithlachascotee

    The Beginnings
    My grandpa and his family had a camp on stilts off of the Pithlachascotee / New Port Richey area from the 30s through the late 50s. He also owned a tackle store called The Outpost, on US 19 in New Port Richey back in the 50/60s. Here's him at camp around 1940.
  5. Wanted: Tibor Pacific, Nautilus Silver King (Fly reels), etc

    Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    Searching for some Tarpon gear. Currently using Nautilus CCF-X2 10/12 and SDS 11/12. Looking to upgrade to a 5inch arbor with faster retrieve for those tricky tarpon. NV MONSTER, Hardy Fortuna 12+ or similar with 14+ inches per crank of retrieve. Thank you in advance.
  6. Reading tarpon...

    Fly Fishing
    Not looking for flies/spots/anything that would cause drama. Just looking for some 3rd party info on how y'all read tarpon either laid up or cruising the beach. I've heard that fish that are riding high and slow are more likely to eat than the fish that are cruising along in the deeper section...
  7. Favorite time of year..

    Fly Fishing
    Water temps should be where they need to be by the end of the week for the poon to start swimming our beaches here in SWFL. Been itching to pull on something with my 12 for a while now, anyone going to be out this weekend?
  8. Orvis Helios 3D 912-4 Fly Rod Outfit: 9'0" 12wt w/ Orvis Mirage VI 12wt Reel + Line

    Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
  9. Texas in late July

    Gulf Coast, Alabama to Texas
    I'm going to San Antonio at the end of July, hoping to have a day or two to get away and fish. I'm open to suggestions from Port O'Connor to South Padre but would prefer to stick to the shortest drive possible, probably the Port Aransas area. I'll probably book a guide for one day but would...
  10. Towee in South Florida

    General Discussion
    Looking to learn of anyones experiences with a Towee in South Florida. I am sure the skiff would do well in the glades and small waterways, but how would it fair off the south coast, keys, or biscayne bay. Can it manage big water well enough to fish for monster tarpon?
  11. Towee Flats Fishing Florida Keys

    General Fishing
    Hey everyone I'm new to the forum but I am currently the owner of a 16ft towee fully rigged for flats fishing. Last year this boat was used extensively near the Fort Myers Beach area and worked flawlessly. This year, however, I'm planning a trip to the Keys for tarpon and do not know much about...
  12. sage rods for sale

    Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    I have two Sage rods for sale. the first one is a nine weight three piece RPL excellent condition, used several times. casts great as you would expect from this model. original tube and sock included $300.00 The second one is a 12 weight three pieceRPLX lawn cast only. super clean. Has always...
  13. DIY Fishing St Martin & St Thomas

    General Fishing
    Looking for any information on fishing onshore or wading or kayak fishing on St Martin. My cruise will be there for the day on April 4th. I've tried to contact the only land based guide I found online but can not get a reply. Looking for general information on lures and or locations. I've heard...
  14. Orvis Fly Reels For Sale ( V,IV,VI)

    Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    Mirage IV for line weights 7-9; 8.9 oz, 4¼" in diameter. Black and Pewter $400 each Mirage V for line weights 9-11; 9.7 oz, 4½" in diameter. Black and Pewter $410 each Mirage VI for line weights 11-13; 12.9 oz, 5" in diameter. Black and Pewter $500 each I have one of each color...
  15. Manzanilla Costa Rica

    Fly Fishing
    We are doing a family trip to Costa Rica, Manzanilla area in mid February. Of course I will bring a couple setups. I know there is a lodge there for tarpon. I was wondering if anyone has fished that area and knows of any diy flats that I can wade? Thanks
  16. For Sale: Orvis H3d 12wt

    Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    For Sale only (NO TRADES). Orvis H3d 12wt. $550 shipped to your door with $1000 insurance. Brand new last spring. Only fished a handful of times. Never fought a fish on it. Priced to sell quick, as I need to fund some other stuff. Comes with rod, sock, and tube. This is bottom dollar so don’t...
  17. Orvis H3d 12wt

    Fly Fishing
    For Sale only. Orvis H3d 12wt. $550 shipped to your door with $1000 insurance. Brand new last spring. Only fished a handful of time. Never fought a fish on it. Priced to sell quick, as I need to fund some other stuff. This is bottom dollar so don’t ask for a better price. Will send as many...
  18. $675: Orvis H3d 12wt for sale

    Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    $750 shipped and insured: Orvis H3D 12wt. 1 year old. Comes with sock and tube. Would also trade for a 9wt rod of equal value. 9wt h3 or Scott or G Loomis rods are of main interest. $225 shipped: Nautilus T12 with Cortland Tropical Plus Series lone and backing. Comes with neoprene case...
  19. UF Fish Biology Professor looking for research skiff

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi All, I head a lab at the University of Florida (Whitney Lab in St. Augustine) and we have started an acoustic tagging project to help conserve local inshore gamefish, beginning with redfish. We are currently doing our tagging from a borrowed boat and with help from local guides and...
  20. Tampa Bay area

    Fly Fishing
    Starting school at UT this fall, I'm from Naples and I'm bringing my 8wt H3 to live in my dorm with me. Does anyone have any spots I could hit wading/kayaking? Thanks