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tarpon on fly

  1. Who's catching what on the fly? "Picture Thread!"

    Fly Fishing
    Since the thread "What's everyone catching?" is all the way over on the Fishing Reports forum, I thought it would be convenient for us fly fishermen/fisherpersons to have a running thread here on the Fly Fishing Forum on fish caught on fly only to see what everyone is catching lately. Note...
  2. Tibor "The Riptide"

    Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    SOLD Tibor "The Riptide" for sale $500 (some cosmetic wear on the drag adjustment knob) DM for more details shipping available
  3. Deep Water Tarpon on fly

    Fly Fishing
    This has been a tough season to chase tarpon on a fly rod, due mostly to weather. But persistence can pay off. Here's the vid we did on that nice 120lb poon we got on fly yesterday, that I also mentioned yesterday on another thread (Gami hook breaking) and thought I'd post the video in a...