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  1. salmon Fishing The PNW

    General Fishing
    Put together a sick video of my time in the PNW. let me know what ya think.
  2. Steelhead in AK

    Fly Fishing
    I know this isn't exactly the specialty of this forum but I just moved to SE Alaska. Y'all have always been helpful down on the salt so I was wondering if anybody had any great steelhead patterns I could tie up and give a shot up here. Or any steelhead fishing advice really. Thanks
  3. Pere Marquette and Muskegon River Steelhead trip.

    Fly Fishing
    Went to fish the Pere Marquette and Muskegon rivers in MI week before last. Caught a few Browns a few Rainbows, but did best with the Steelhead. Had a really good time, first time catching Steelhead. I stayed at the Red Moose Lodge in Baldwin, MI, and fished with the owner/guide Clint Anderson...