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south florida

  1. New ISO skiff

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello everyone. New to the forum here and I’m looking for a skiff. I first started looking at the Eastcape Gladesmen but they’re hard to find and over my range. Recently, I looked at the Gheenoe LT25 and the Skimmer Skiff 14’6. I live in Miami. I’d like to fish inshore, coastal, mangroves, etc...
  2. Light Blue Native Ultimate Kayak Lost or Stolen

    General Discussion
    I live on the C-2 AKA Snapper Creek Canal near Red Road in the South Miami area. I was doing yard work this morning and noticed something funny at the tarp where I keep my Yaks and Canoe near the canal. I was missing my Canoe and on kayak. I can't say if it was stolen or some how came off the...
  3. Towee in South Florida

    General Discussion
    Looking to learn of anyones experiences with a Towee in South Florida. I am sure the skiff would do well in the glades and small waterways, but how would it fair off the south coast, keys, or biscayne bay. Can it manage big water well enough to fish for monster tarpon?
  4. 16ft Dory Skiff with 25 E-tec

    Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    For sale: 1995 16ft sea-n-sport by South Seas dory skiff: Lapstroke hull rides smooth and dry, floats in less than 6 inches of water, no-frills slot machine. Has the below features: Bilge pump, anchor and navigation lights that are controlled on a lighted switch panel lowrance GPS/depth...
  5. "Travel" Spinning rod selection for South Florida

    General Fishing
    Good morning Long story short I have a credit from a broken rod with St Croix and I'd like to use it to purchase a new travel Spinning rod that I can bring with me on a plane to the Keys for a week at the end of February to fish from shore for Snapper and anything else I might...
  6. Boat cover needed--recommendations?

    Misc for Sale
    I am having a 16' skiff built with poling platform and am looking for a good storage cover. Any recommendations for a reasonable canvas business in South Florida that does good work? Thanks.
  7. Peacock bass help

    Florida East Coast
    just moved to south Miami and would really like to get on some peacocks. Not looking for anyone's honey holes just a general starting point. Would really like to get some on a spinner first. Also if anyone could recommend flies for them I'm new to fly fishing so any advice would be greatly...