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  1. Tournaments
    My local fly shop, Compound Boardshop, is hosting a free snook tournament at the end of the month with some killer prizes. Should be a rad time! A FREE biggest snook, on fly, on foot tournament. To register you must attend Captains Meeting on Friday June 22 @ Compound (3604 S Osprey Ave...
  2. Fishing Reports
    Full video of the 1st day fishing in Miami is up. Check it out at . We filmed the split shot views with a Gdome GoPro Housing →
  3. Fishing Reports
    Fished the East Cape and Lake Ingram area of the ENP on Sunday. Air temperatures were warming, but it was windy and the water temperatures at first light were in the low 50's. We caught between 25-30 snook including 3 or 4 over slot size, a nice black drum and a really nice trout. I think all...
  4. General Fishing
    Going to the Corn Islands in Nicaragua next month. Was wondering if anyone had an exp fishing down there? or know any guides?
  5. Florida Gulf Coast
    Can anyone recommend what areas to fish in St Pete and Charlotte harbor?? I'm heading there for a the first time. Just looking for some insight on where to focus for Reds. Any input is appreciated. Thanks for your help.
  6. Florida Gulf Coast
    Hey guys. I live in the Tampa area and do a lot of night fishing in St Pete. Now that spring is here I'd like to find some new places (shore or from boat) I could hit around the bay. I would really like to find some bridges to shore fish. Even if the places are just ok not looking to wear them...
  7. Fishing Reports
    This trip took place in Feb. 2017 and covers fishing and feasting while camping in the Everglades. This is the best snook fishing I have enjoyed in years.
  8. Fishing Reports
    Finally got more hp on the garage skiff and took it out for a spin on Saturday morning. Caught some really nice reds, and saw about 200 of em. Needless to say I am a happy camper, I'll post the video below if you guys would like to check it out.