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snook on fly

  1. New to Key Largo

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello everyone! New to this forum and area. Just moved out from Montana and looking for a little advice on spots. I live up in manatee bay and have been searching around there, and so far I cant stop thinking about the next time i get out. I love this place. I picked up a 15' skiff w/ a 60hp...
  2. Palm Beach County summertime snook!

    Fly Fishing
    Last couple of weeks have seen the massive amount of sargassum on the beaches subside - allowing for some great sight fishing for snook. Biggest of the season (caught by my dad) went just over 42 inches - non spillway, inlet, or beach fish by the way which is crazy. Go to flies are a modified...
  3. From Tampa - Going to Naples/Marco Island

    Introduce Yourself
    Born and raised in Tampa, fished all around my home waters both fresh and salt, work in the marine industry. Heading down to Naples/Marco Island for the weekend with my paddle board and fly rods. Thinking about launching in Rookery Bay/Rena Point or Capri Park. Anyone have positive experiences...
  4. Who's catching what on the fly? "Picture Thread!"

    Fly Fishing
    Since the thread "What's everyone catching?" is all the way over on the Fishing Reports forum, I thought it would be convenient for us fly fishermen/fisherpersons to have a running thread here on the Fly Fishing Forum on fish caught on fly only to see what everyone is catching lately. Note...