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  1. Snapper Fishing in Biscayne National Park Video

    Fishing Reports
    Full Video - Headed out of Biscayne National Park to fish with some live shrimp with Tommy. We stayed covered up all day with barracuda and snapper. We used small circle hooks with a 30lb Momoi leader
  2. Snapper- The locks at Port Canaveral

    Fishing Reports
    Wife having some fun @ the Port Canaveral before the storms arrived!
  3. Night Fishing

    Florida Gulf Coast
    Hey guys. I live in the Tampa area and do a lot of night fishing in St Pete. Now that spring is here I'd like to find some new places (shore or from boat) I could hit around the bay. I would really like to find some bridges to shore fish. Even if the places are just ok not looking to wear them...