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  1. SM1656 Duck Blind

    Cast & Blast
    Has anyone installed a duck blind on a salt marsh 1656? Looking at the Beavertail 1700 duck blind, looking for any tips. thank you
  2. Saltmarsh 1656 or similar

    General Discussion
    If there is anyone between Birmingham, AL and Atlanta, GA with a SM 1656 or a Heron, I would love to go fishing with you for a day. I'll cover beer and gas. With that being said, if anyone has a SM1656 setup for bass fishing along with flats fishing, post up some pics! For anyone with an...
  3. Anybody ever gone from Tiller to Center Console on SM1656

    General Discussion
    Reason for asking a used SM1656 is very cheap and was curious if anyone has ever gone from Tiller to Center. Thanks