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  1. General Discussion
    Freelance 18 ft skiff design project Client wanted a 3d model with hydrostatic calculation and speed analysis (speed vs trim angle and power needed) Here some photos of the hull Hope get your opinions about the design rendering and layout modeling is just personal work for more visit my...
  2. Bragging Spot
    She’s out of the mold and in assembly
  3. General Discussion
    Hey everyone. I've been perusing the message boards on here for a while and well, you've inspired me. I have always wanted to build my own skiff with my brother and have envied the many fisherman I see here in Charleston that can get up in the flats after the trophy reds. It's time I take a...
  4. General Discussion
    Hey everyone, just a few weeks out from the start date of my Heron 18 build and I’m second guessing my choices in color. Originally I was set on whisper grey hull with matterhorn white cap/deck, white powder coat and matching white engine but I’m considering doing the same scheme with a guide...
  5. Boat Yard Basics
    I have a 18ft Jon boat that I’m trying to turn into a flats skiff. Right now it’s green/black camo color. The problem is that it gets really hot while in the sun, and it just doesn’t look good. So I’m trying to paint it. I’m new to this and wanted to get some guidance on how to paint it. How...
  6. Bragging Spot
    It’s been three month or so in ski boat to skiff conversion. Fiberglass demolition nightmare. Just wanted to share some photos of progress and possibly inspire someone out there to follow dream have fun and save a boats life. :) about me I’m am boat lover not not a boat builder or carpenter. All...
  7. General Discussion
    Looking to get some feedback for a project i'm doing for a class. What would be the thoughts, ideas, desires and wants to have a quality built skiff for the shallow waters of Texas that is built in Texas? Thanks
  8. Bragging Spot
    It has certainly been a long, strange trip. Here I am, back where my research started. I added a "segment" to the Texas Fly Caster YouTube channel - Texas Skiff. I hope this adds some information and knowledge to the Skiff Nation. The "Texas Skiff" segment will lead to some new products for the...
  9. Bragging Spot
    I recently bought plans to build a Smith Marine Design Osprey 18 skiff. I managed to get 5 sheets of 18mm hydrotech plywood today. I should be making saw dust soon.
  10. General Discussion
    Hey everyone, I have been meaning to start a thread on here for a while but have been too busy in the shop. For reports on any activity up to this point, please visit my website, Please feel free to forward me over any questions or comments or feel free to give me a call...
1-11 of 11 Results