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  1. Power it up with Electronics
    Well looks like my Simrad GO9 took a crap. Simrad has offered to either replace it or let me upgrade to the EVO 3 9inch for a pretty nice discount. I wanted to see the differences in the width go the gimbal/mounting brackets of the two to see if the EVO 3 will fit on my front shelf of the side...
  2. Power it up with Electronics
    Anybody replaced their Simrad NSS evo3 with the new model, NSS evo3S? How is it different/better? Are the cables the same for both so as to facilitate removal and installation?
  3. Power it up with Electronics
    I have an ongoing problem with my MFD--doesn't read depth underway at all, and provides depth readings on and off while running off plane, etc. What could be causing this?
1-3 of 3 Results