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  1. Looking for Suzuki Pro advice

    Outboard Maintenance
    Recently picked up a skiff with a 2012 df40a 4s. Previous owner must’ve drove through sand constantly without flushing, because the entire cooling system was clogged with sand. This caused intermittent pissing. I Replaced the impeller, had a weak pee stream, and still got an overheat alarm...
  2. To Tip or not to Tip

    Boat Yard Basics
    Gentlemen - polling the audience here... I typically try to do as much maintenance as I can myself 1) because it teaches me more about the boat/motor and 2) it's usually a bit more convenient. However, I recently brought my HB Pro down to Titusville and gave it to Paul to have some things done...
  3. 3-Tand Customer Service. Wow!

    Fly Fishing
    I rarely have much to say good or bad about customer service, but I felt I needed to pass this along and give credit where it's due. So I have had a 3-Tand T-70 for quite a while now. The other day I was spraying the reel off and the center cap emblem piece popped off, I was really surprised...
  4. 2007 Etec Fouling Spark Plug Issues

    Outboard Maintenance
    Just took her back in today to get this issue resolved. Bought the boat a couple months back, bad cylinder one spark plug. Got a tune up and changed it no problem by the Evinrude service place here in Jax. 8 hours later at idle it was running rough again. Took her back and happened to have both...