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saltmarsh heron

  1. Skimmer skiff vs salt marsh

    General Discussion
    I have been recently looking at the salt marsh heron 16 and the skimmer skiff 16’6. I really want to hear some feedback from owners an people who have been on both the heron I would have to get with less options most likely due to cost and I believe it drafts more then the skimmer I’m looking to...
  2. Hull Material Toughness Question: Saltmarsh Heron vs Hog Island Skiff

    General Discussion
    I am looking at buying either a Saltmarsh Heron, or a Hog Island Skiff. The Saltmarsh is advertised as a Kevlar Vinyl Ester Resin layup. And the Hog Island is a Rotomolded Polyethelene I believe. How do these two compare to each other in terms of toughness and durability? Am I splitting...
  3. Looking for new skiff SaltMarsh Heron or Skimmer 16 thoughts?

    General Discussion
    Hello, I'm trying to decide on a new skiff have narrowed it down to both the Salt Marsh Heron 16 and the Skimmer Skiff 16. Have heard good things about both. Price point they are about even. Customer service the owner of Skimmer super nice guy more personal touch small company. SaltMarsh a...