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  1. My Fishing Buddy 9/29

    Fly Fishing
    So my objective was to do a little pre-fishing for Super Lure Slam on October 26, but for once the wind was down, the tides were great, and the water clarity allowed for sight casting that we normally don't see until November. So I pulled out the 5 wt, tied on a High Flies Mulletaire and went to...
  2. New Heron 18

    Bragging Spot
    Just thought I'd share a few photos of my new Heron 18 I picked up over the weekend. Have already taken her out a few times and she runs fast, smooth, and dry. Had a chance to pole around a bit as well and poles really well, even though a stiff breeze. Almost done with the break-in and looking...
  3. 2019 Salt Marsh 1444

    Bragging Spot
    So far we just have a hull and a deck....more pics to come! Hull: Shark Grey Deck: Aqua Mist #shadowcastflyfishing #saltmarshskiffs #saltmarsh1444 #polingskiff #technicalpolingskiff #customskiff
  4. 2014 Ankona Copperhead

    Forum FAQ and General Info
    2016 Ankona Copperhead Technical Poling Skiff. 16'4 (No wood construction). 2014 Evinrude Etec 60hp with full factory warranty until August, 2020. 4 blade stainless steel prop. 97 hours on outboard (incredibly fuel efficient) at last maintenance (EST 103-105 hours). 2016 Float-on brand aluminum...
  5. Salt Marsh 1444 Petrol Blue/Biscuit

    Bragging Spot
    Haven't really felt like posting a bragging section build post but I uploaded pics for a couple of private messages and figured I'd share. Slated to pick up next Saturday and still needs the rigging. Looking at 20 Tohatsu, powder coat black poling platform and grab bar that'll fit a Yeti 35 we...