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  1. Ankona/Salt Marsh/Tavernier Demo Day

    Events, Open Houses, Shows
    ANKONA DEMO DAY!!! Coming back to the Ruskin/Apollo Beach (Tampa Bay) area. June 22, 2019. Location is at the beach just south of the Sunset Grill beach at Little Harbors in Ruskin, FL. Your best bet to launch from, if you are wating to bring your skiff over, would be to launch at E.G. Simmons...
  2. New SM 1444 Dry Storage

    General Discussion
    Dry storage is always an issue on microskiffs. The Salt Marsh 1444 just got a little more dry storage on the new deck configuration.
  3. Salt marsh Skiff Help!!

    Florida Gulf Coast
    Okay so I’m in need of opinions on the Salt Marsh 1656 or the Heron 16. Let me explain my situation. I’m 19 heading to FSU for college in the upcoming fall I have 20ksaved. (No it’s not daddy’s money. It’s three summers of working, skipping extra activities and parties so I could save money) I...
  4. 2017 gheenoe lt10 2003 mercury 25

    Microskiffs For Sale
    2017 gheenoe lt10 with 2003 mercury 25 2 stroke just serviced origanally only ran in fresh water . Has about 8 trips to the salt . has a grab bar front and rear decks with shark eyes lights and full electrical setup . Brand new bildge pump . And deep cycle marine battery . Rod tubes and holders...
  5. Salt Marsh 1444 Petrol Blue/Biscuit

    Bragging Spot
    Haven't really felt like posting a bragging section build post but I uploaded pics for a couple of private messages and figured I'd share. Slated to pick up next Saturday and still needs the rigging. Looking at 20 Tohatsu, powder coat black poling platform and grab bar that'll fit a Yeti 35 we...