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salt marsh 1656

  1. Mangrove bay vs salt marsh 16

    General Discussion
    Been looking around for skiffs and came across these two brands. Both seem to be more or less in the same price range. Can any owners of these boats help me out with some information about them because there is not much info online. I will be using the boat for flamingo and flats in the keys...
  2. New to Microskiff, looking for opinions on a new skiff!

    General Discussion
    Hey guys, finally joined the page. Hoping I can get some insight on some skiffs I have been looking at buying in the near future. I recently sold my solo skiff, needed something to take the misses or the dog along with me. The skiffs I have had my eye on as of now are the: Salt Marsh 1656...
  3. Salt Marsh 1656 v or Gheenoe LT 25

    General Discussion
    Hoping I can get some insightful information to help me decide between the two. I currently fish the flats of mosquito lagoon and thousand islands with an ascend kayak. In the market to purchase my first boat. I would be fishing mostly solo but will take wife and 2 yr old daughter out to island...
  4. Ankona/Salt Marsh/Tavernier Demo Day

    Events, Open Houses, Shows
    ANKONA DEMO DAY!!! Coming back to the Ruskin/Apollo Beach (Tampa Bay) area. June 22, 2019. Location is at the beach just south of the Sunset Grill beach at Little Harbors in Ruskin, FL. Your best bet to launch from, if you are wating to bring your skiff over, would be to launch at E.G. Simmons...
  5. Saltmarsh 1656V vs Pathfinder 17T

    General Discussion
    It seems the Satltmarsh 1656V is getting quite popular, and for good reason. It is an awesome looking boat. It looks very similar to the old Pathfinder 17T. Has anyone had experience with both that could chime in with some comparisons. I know the Pathfinders had some stringer issues and were a...
  6. Salt marsh 1656

    General Discussion
    Just want to thank all you guys for all the great information on Ankona/Saltmarsh. I finally pulled the trigger at the Charlestown, SC boat show and put a deposit down on a 1656. Now I just have to wait...Rose tells me it will be about the end of May for my start date. Actually that's ok as...