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  1. Bote Rover For Sale 5K

    Microskiffs For Sale
    Located in Charleston, South Carolina and asking $5,000 for a like new 14 foot Bug Slinger BOTE Rover stand up paddle board with 6HP Mercury engine with only 9.3 hours on it. It is made from Gatorshell material so it is very durable. Perfect for 1-2 people and can get into any fishing hole you...
  2. 2017 Pelican Ambush 13' 6hp yamaha $4200

    Sold/Expired Classifieds
    2017 Pelican Ambush 13' 2016 Yamaha 6hp outboard still under warranty under 50 hrs Magic tilt trailer like new Comes with boat, engine, trailer, grab handle, 3gal external fuel tank, adjustable paddle Great 1 man technical skiff in like new condition Location: Key Largo Call, email, or text...
  3. Michigander living with Hoosiers. Hidea Outboard Motors, Jeep Geek

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    Hi Everyone, this is a great forum! I just got my first Rover about a month ago, running Hidea outboards with it. I do work regularly with Hidea's North American team, I've also worked with Bote's team, and I know that there is a lot of mystery/confusion/misinformation associated with the Hidea...
  4. Bote Rover for Sale, Excellent Condition w/ Yamaha

    Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Hello Microskiff, I've been back and forth about selling my Rover but at this point I think I'd just rather have the money and the garage space than continue to hang onto this and not use it. The Boat: Bote Rover, Gatorshell Construction in "Bugslinger" color/ Pattern w/ paddle Included: 14'...
  5. Rover on order, figured i'd better get active on MICROSKIFF!!

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    Good Morning Micro-Skiffers Well after a lot of searching and evaluating I went ahead and ordered a new Bote Rover in Gatorshell in their Bugslinger Pattern. I also ordered all the goodies to go along with it. Cooler Rack, Grab Rack, Wheel Rack, 5 Gallon Kula, and even a Sand Spear. My plan...