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  1. Boston Whaler 17 refurb?

    Blast From the Past
    I recently stumbled onto a 1971 16'7" Barehull, which was the pre-curser to the 17 Montauk. My son and I want to restore her some. Local boat shop says it was a good find and seems to be in great shape considering the age. Wanting to add some more decks to make her more of a flats style...
  2. custom modifications and restorations

    Boat Yard Basics
    New here. Is this the best area to watch for boat restorations and modifications? I've got an 18v-90 Kenner and wanting to do things like add a bilge pump and modify the back casting deck so things are more accessible back there. I've already made some useful mods. I'd like to share them...
  3. Dolphin renegade project hull

    Sold/Expired Classifieds
    2001 dolphin renegade I have all of the parts stripped off this boat, hardware, poling platform, trim tabs and rear bench top. Comes with a custom stainless oversized forward casting platform covered in snow camo sea deck. All accessory holes have been glassed in and the top side has been...
  4. Early model gheenoe highsider motor options.

    General Discussion
    Hey ya'll I'm restoring a early model gheenoe highsider and I just finished up replacing and drastically strengthening the transom and hull. With the extra weight of the glass and the incorporation of a front and rear deck and false floor can I run a 15 hp outboard? 9.9s around hear a beat to...
  5. sweet 96’ gheenoe classic restore

    Bragging Spot
  6. CUDA CRAFT - Classic Hull - Project - $1200 (Pompano Beach)

    Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Cuda Craft - 16' Classic Flats boat Hull & Trailer - $1200 Awesome project for the right person who can appreciate this rare and classic hull and has the time and ability to restore it. I believe less than 100 Cuda Crafts were ever made, but they have a strong cult following and lasting...
  7. Dolphin super skiff restoration help

    General Discussion
    Hey guys, my dad and I are fixing up a 91' super skiff that was originally a lodge layout with a tiller set up. We are adding a Mitzi center console soon and hoping to glass in a rear deck and was wondering if anyone could help me out with our layout dimensions. I was wondering what: the...
  8. 95' fin and feather rebuild

    Bragging Spot
    Got her with a 2014 25 hp Yamaha with only 14 hours and paid just around what the engine was worth for the whole set up and started the build on Easter!