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  1. Gunwale tiny cracks

    Boat Yard Basics
    Hello everyone, i have a used new to me skiff. It has a million tiny cracks on the gunwales from the sun. These have original factory non skid. Is there a wax, epoxy, or something else that I can use to restore of fix? thanks,
  2. Repainting Molded Non Skid

    Boat Yard Basics
    Hi All, I have a 22 year old Action Craft with a deck that has gelcoat worn down to the fiberglass in some areas. The gelcoat at this stage in it's life picks up stains like crazy as well. I would like to repaint the deck with a 2 part paint but am wondering how best to make the deck non-skid...
  3. Upgrading Bilge in Gheenoe Classic

    Boat Yard Basics
    Former luker, first time poster. Like many, I'm taking this pandemic has an opportunity to work on the boat. Since I got the Gheenoe a year ago the bilge has never worked and I'm going to try to switch it out for a new one. Based on an older thread...
  4. Gheenoe Transom Replacement

    General Discussion
    Greetings, first time posting in this forum and I'm looking forward to some good discussion. I have recently acquired a 2001 Gheenoe Lowsider 15'4 with a damaged transom. Looking for tips on transom replacement as far as suggested materials and method of repair. I have never repaired a...
  5. Pouring Transom

    Boat Yard Basics
    Has anyone poured a transom or know anywhere that does it in the Orlando area? I have a 14' Johnsen/Mitchell and was thinking about redoing the transom before installing a poling platform. I know I can buy the materials for about $2-300 but I don't know the process. I do know how it works but I...
  6. 1997 Carolina Skiff J16

    Bragging Spot
    Just started tearing my 1997 Carolina Skiff J16 apart to fix her up and do a layout over-haul. I have used this site as a resource many times checking out other professionals and non-professionals alike do work on their boats so I figured I would chronicle mine here as well. My goal is to repair...