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  1. Fly Fishing Classifieds
    12 redfish flies for sale. Price includes shipping. All tied on Gamakatsu hooks and all have weed guards.
    $70 USD
  2. Fly Fishing
    Im fairly new into the fly fishing game. Mostly sight fishing redfish in SE Louisiana. What size and length leader should I be using?
  3. Fly Fishing
    Redfish Video A couple clips from Redfish'ing this fall/winter.
  4. Introduce Yourself
    Thank you all in advance for answering my questions pm me if you’d like to pole around central Florida free on the weekends caught on 9wt x series nautilus with echo ion xl. Newest combo is Ccfx-2 8wt with the Tfo axiom 2x can’t wait to take it for whip
  5. La

    General Discussion
    Evening everyone, Need some quick advice. Buddy and myself are making our first Lousiana trip next weekend. Fishing Saturday thru Tuesday. Making a 900 mile trek one way. I know extended weather forecast are unreliable but with big winter systems they do seem to be more accurate. Due to our...
  6. Fishing Reports
    Spend the last few weekends chasing schools of reds. Some of the most fun fishing I’ve ever experienced in my life. Putting the Shadowcast to some good use! I’ve spend the entire week itching to get back on the water.
  7. General Discussion
    I picked the up on sale at Academy yesterday for 2 bucks and got the weedless Ned heads for 4 bucks. Anyway thought they might be good for sight casting red fish. They are bass baits and are supposed to stand up straight on the bottom. If they don’t work well then I’m out 6 bucks but worth a...
  8. Microskiffs For Sale
    Price: $3,750 Location: Tallahassee, FL -Length 15'3" -2017 10hp backwater swomp lite motor with less than 10 hours -Flood lights, Nav lights, and Running lights all wired to switch panel in the back -Trailer in good condition -Open to other offers
  9. General Discussion
    Hey Guys, I'm planning on doing a weekend kayak camping trip up at EG Simmons Park. Any tips for fishing that area ? I will probably head out of Cockroach Bay Ramp as well as E.G Simmons Campground. I fish with artificial. First time fishing this area. If I want to target reds should I go...
  10. Fly Fishing
    New to the forum and I could sift through older posts but figured I’d post as well. Headed down to Everglades for the first time next month and was looking for color suggestions for tying up some Seaducers, Hot Lips, Dedeaux poppers, Kwans and Clousers. Any other types of flies and patters...
  11. Microskiffs For Sale
    Live in Corpus Christi and looking to purchase a Mitzi skiff. If you have one and it's not for sale I'd love to see a picture of it as well!
  12. Florida East Coast
    What ya been catching and on what?! Let's see some pics! . . . Haven't seen this in a while on the east coast thread. Let's see what you're hauling in on the skiffs!
  13. Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    Sage Salt HD 9wt (LIKE NEW). The rod was only used once and has been on the rod rack ever since. It has been a backup and I just don't use it at all. $675 shipped or local pickup in Naples, FL.
  14. General Fishing
    HI everyone, I'm traveling next month (July) and I will be near New Orleans for a day or two around the 12th of July. I would love to go fishing on the flats for some red fish - any recommendations for a trusted guide? Is this a terrible time to go? Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  15. Fly Fishing
    So I’ve been doing some research about fly rods and reels and line all in 9wt because that’s what would best suit me for fishing reds/snook/trout and the occasional Keys fish. I’m planning on a 9’ 9wt Orvis Helios 2 and Nautilus XL Max. As for line, I don’t know too much and was hoping to get...
  16. Florida Gulf Coast
    I have a house in Keaton beach on the same canal the public boat ramp also accesses. Loaded boat up to go do some trout and redfishing and stay at my place for the weekend. Also because fishing is still deemed appropriate to due during this Corona Outbreak and without it I would go batshit...
  17. Gulf Coast, Alabama to Texas
    I'm going to San Antonio at the end of July, hoping to have a day or two to get away and fish. I'm open to suggestions from Port O'Connor to South Padre but would prefer to stick to the shortest drive possible, probably the Port Aransas area. I'll probably book a guide for one day but would...
  18. General Fishing
1-20 of 58 Results