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redfish on fly

  1. Hatch fly reels vs. nautilus

    General Discussion
    Hey everyone. So about a year ago I got a super good deal on a brand new nautilus silver king.... Didn’t take me long to realize it just can’t hold up to a 100lb fish. 15 drag turns into the fight, (hatch reels being a single turn drag) all you hear is grinding and scraping like worn out break...
  2. sage rods for sale

    Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    I have two Sage rods for sale. the first one is a nine weight three piece RPL excellent condition, used several times. casts great as you would expect from this model. original tube and sock included $300.00 The second one is a 12 weight three pieceRPLX lawn cast only. super clean. Has always...
  3. I hate to be this guy...

    Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina
    Im fishing the tailors cup out of Charleston next weekend, and have never fished in that area before. My friends told me to do two things: Hire a guide and get him to show me some spots, and ride around Charleston and drop pins where I see other people fishing. I did not do that. I tried to do...
  4. From Tampa - Going to Naples/Marco Island

    Introduce Yourself
    Born and raised in Tampa, fished all around my home waters both fresh and salt, work in the marine industry. Heading down to Naples/Marco Island for the weekend with my paddle board and fly rods. Thinking about launching in Rookery Bay/Rena Point or Capri Park. Anyone have positive experiences...
  5. Mid-December Hopedale cast and blast trip

    Fly Fishing
    Planning on taking my skiff down to hopedale with my dad for a trip from Dec. 15-22. Going to try and focus on catching reds on fly, but if weather is bad well get the shotguns out to duck hunt. I'm from Wilmington NC, and have zero experience fishing this type of terrain and need all the help I...
  6. Who's catching what on the fly? "Picture Thread!"

    Fly Fishing
    Since the thread "What's everyone catching?" is all the way over on the Fishing Reports forum, I thought it would be convenient for us fly fishermen/fisherpersons to have a running thread here on the Fly Fishing Forum on fish caught on fly only to see what everyone is catching lately. Note...
  7. ISO 10 wt Combo!!!

    Fly Fishing
    I’m looking for a used 10 wt rod, reel or combo. I’m not too picky on a particular brand; just want to see what’s out there, and hopefully avoid spending too much $ on something new.
  8. Broken push pole

    General Discussion
    Unfortanetly the other day I cracked my push pole. Anyone know how to repair it?
  9. Sage X *8wt for sale or trade

    Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    I have a new Sage X 8wt that I purchased several weeks ago. Fished with it 4-5 times but it looks brand new. The rod is a little faster than what I like to throw so I'm gonna get rid of her. I'd like to sell it for $675
  10. SOLD/EXPIRED Sage Motive 8wt Rod

    Sold/Expired Classifieds
    Selling my virtually brand new Sage Motive 8wt 4 piece Rod. Retails 450 Asking 300 Call or text Cam 919-332-9242
  11. Redfish on fly day in Tampa Bay

    Fly Fishing
    Well known ms Fly Fishing forum member "Backbone" and I went this morning to find some reds to play with on the flyrod. Air and water temps couldn't have been better. Bluebird Florida winter day, starting out in the low 70's and working to the upper 70's at high noon. Water temps were nice...