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  1. Fishing Inshore Florida After Irma - Video

    Fishing Reports
    Since hurricane Irma I have had the chance to fish the inshore waters around Florida in Jacksonville, Sanibel and Ft. Pierce. In all locations, even after a month, I am still finding dirty water. In this turbid water I have found the best fishing near where estuaries are near inlets or open...
  2. Bare Bones Keys Fishing Video

    Fishing Reports
    Recently I camped at Bahia Honda State Park and towed my camper so I could not bring my skiff. I had to rely on fishing out of a kayak being I could not tow my skiff but the techniques covered in the video can be used by those with skiffs that are not familiar with the area. This is a great...
  3. NE Florida Gheenoe Mini Rally Video

    Florida East Coast
    This last weekend we had our quarterly NE Florida Gheenoe owners mini-rally out of Butler Park located just south of St. Augustine. Beautiful area and lots of good fishing. The date for the next NE Fl mini rally has not been set yet but if interested check out the NE Florida section of the...
  4. NE FL December 2016 Gheenoe Mini Rally Video

    Florida East Coast
    This last weekend NE FL Gheenoe owners met at the Beach Boulevard ramp in Jacksonville Beach for a day of cruising and fishing the creeks. The day was culminated at Safe Harbor Seafood at the ramp for lunch and story telling. We hold these events in NE Florida about every 3 months and they...