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  1. General Discussion
    Anybody use the MHX push pole or have experience with them? Broke my Stiffy guide yesterday and dont feel like dropping $1200 on a new one. If you have experience with one drop your opinions, thanks.
  2. Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    21' carbon marine push pole g3lr 9 out of 10 condition 786 556 70 four one Cell
    $800 USD
  3. General Discussion
    Are there any big differences in these or would I be better off saving the extra 280$? Only pushing a custom gheenoe nmz 15’4.
  4. General Discussion
    I'm looking for a used push pole for sale. Don't have a set price range, but don't want to break the bank. I'm open to just about anything considering I won't be poling a ton. Let me know if anyone has anything. I'm located in Tampa but willing to travel.
  5. Boat Yard Basics
    Getting tired of watching the front end of my push pole beat up the bow of the boat when underway in slop-chop. Anyone got a fix or seen one? Thinking a piece of a pool noodle could would work, but wondering if there's anything a little neater.
  6. Boat Yard Basics
    I have a push pole (21ish ft.) on my skiff but I think a 24ft. would suit me better. If I have a second (finished, 12-ish ft.) push pole, could I just splice them together? I have fiberglass patched before, am about to begin my research on carbon fiber
  7. General Discussion
    Brand doesn’t necessarily matter as long as it’s not a pos. Can be a sectioned pole as well, but I need it ready to go not looking to have length added.
  8. General Discussion
    Finally got my skiff back after some maintenance work. Ready to install my new push pole holder and my caddy on the platform. Any tips on installing?
  9. Microskiffs For Sale
    Selling my 2020 Biscayne Boatworks 170. Meticulously kept, washed, stored and flushed. This boat is READY to hit the water TODAY! Top speed 31mph. Fully loaded with 2 people, 21mph. Includes all safety equipment (3 life jackets, fire extinguisher, throwable, flares, sound making device). 2019...
  10. Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    WTB a 18-19’ push pole for my native 17. If anyone has one or can guide me in the right direction to one it would be very appreciated. Located in Naples. TIA!
  11. General Discussion
    I am considering putting a push pole caddy/holder of some sort on my poling platform. Do I really need one?
  12. Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    19' Stiffy Guide Series Push Pole $750, only had 5 months. Great condition. Wilmington, NC [email protected]
  13. General Discussion
    Hey y’all, I am getting a Lagoon Skiffs Tail Chaster (14’10”) and was wondering what the ideal push pole for that boat would be. I have never poled before. Thanks for any help. And it will be mostly on the flats of the lower Florida keys. ps. Tips on poling is also appreciated.
  14. General Discussion
    Has anyone used cedar for a Homemade push pole fork? What I can think of for pros and cons... Does anyone have advice or thoughts on why this would be a good or bad option? Pros: Water resistant Rot resistant Hard wood Cons: Hard to work with because of how hard it is ?
  15. General Discussion
    Hey guy's what is a decent push pole holder that would work on a j16 ? Thanks in advance
  16. General Discussion
    Looking to purchase a new push pole. Been looking into 18’ fiberglass Moonlighter and 18’ fiberglass Stiffy poles. I’m fishing down in Southeast Louisiana, and looking for a one piece only. I know it’s a hassle for shipping so if anyone knows any pole dealers that are within about 5-6hrs I’d...
  17. Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    Looking for a carbon push pole over 20' in the Tampa area. If I don't have any luck I will likely buy the MHX kit so I would be looking to keep the price under $400. If you have a spare pole or are looking to off load yours, please let me know.
  18. Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    Looking for a 21'+ push pole in a one piece version. I'm located in NC and willing to drive a few hours for the right one.
  19. Misc for Sale
    I'm looking for a used push pole in the 941 area. Unfortunately my last trip resulted in the pole being lost on i75 on my way home. Thanks!
  20. Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    Have a 20’ Fiberglass moonlighter push pole. It’s in pretty good shape. Sold my skiff and it’s taking up room in my garage. First $75 gets it. Text me at 813-335-1504
1-20 of 50 Results