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  1. Prop Shop
    Before I get 15 replies telling me I need to provide speed and RPMs, I will eventually, motor isn't even hung on the boat yet. Just looking for a good starting point. I care more abut top end than hole-shot. Boat is Alweld 1656 2deg of deadrise weight is listed at 575 + me 230 + fuel 35ish? +...
  2. Prop Shop
    My new skiff came with a Mercury Spitfire 4 blade 19 prop. I am only able to turn 4700-4900 rpm's even when I am light on fuel and gear. I have yet to see 5000 rpms. I was hoping there were others out there that have the same set up and were dialed in a prop that will allow for the correct...
  3. Prop Shop
    Have an aluminum prop that bent in half 2 of the 3 blades. Its and 11 x 15. Since it comes from a Johnson its hard to find a replacement. Last time I fixed a piece that came off they charged me $50. Any thoughts?
1-3 of 3 Results