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  1. Prop Shop
    I have a new to me Fx17. F70 on back. Came with a prop that wasn’t right. Went with a PT Scd 16 pitch based on research but seemed very sluggish and low rpm’s. Had to jack up motor so high to get any rpm’s. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. Prop Shop
    Before I get 15 replies telling me I need to provide speed and RPMs, I will eventually, motor isn't even hung on the boat yet. Just looking for a good starting point. I care more abut top end than hole-shot. Boat is Alweld 1656 2deg of deadrise weight is listed at 575 + me 230 + fuel 35ish? +...
  3. Prop Shop
    My new skiff came with a Mercury Spitfire 4 blade 19 prop. I am only able to turn 4700-4900 rpm's even when I am light on fuel and gear. I have yet to see 5000 rpms. I was hoping there were others out there that have the same set up and were dialed in a prop that will allow for the correct...
  4. Prop Shop
    Have an aluminum prop that bent in half 2 of the 3 blades. Its and 11 x 15. Since it comes from a Johnson its hard to find a replacement. Last time I fixed a piece that came off they charged me $50. Any thoughts?
1-4 of 4 Results