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propeller for sale

  1. WTB Powertech RXB4 13.25 x 17 or 18

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    Would like to buy above prop
  2. SOLD/EXPIRED Propeller for sale. Amita 3 9.9 x 13 3 blade $40

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    New without a scratch. Ran for about 3 hours before I put on 4 blade SS. Came off brand new 2016 Tohatsu 30hp. Box reads: Tohatsu/Nissan Propeller Amita 3 IN:INW15120073 TB3x9x13RB P/N 3ROB645270 Material: Aluminum Rotation: R Blade: 3 Diamater: 9.9 Pitch: 13 Engine: Tohatsu/Nissan 25...