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    May be selling my powertech stainless prop. Awesome prop. Semi Cleaver style, stern lifting. 16pitch is too little for my skiff I think. Going to test a 17pitch and if that is right I will sell this one. Ran once, no dings/scratches, perfect condition. Currently running on my Yamaha 70 2...
  2. Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    Powertech! Yamaha stainless propeller as new in box. With tax new prop is $350; SALE $250. Bought to try pitch and ended up going to a higher pitch. Fits 40hp-140hp Yamaha motors. This is the semi cleaver standard style Yamaha skiff propeller. Tampa Bay Area, Barkley 727-743-3763.
  3. Prop Shop
    Talked to Michelle at Powertech and this is what she recommended for my rig: RED 3 17, best bet for two stroke SCD 3 17, comparable but usually she puts them on 70 four strokes NRS 3 17 could be super fast Anyone run a power tech in these models in or near Charleston SC? Would like to get...
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    I searched the archives of the forum for a thread but i cant find anything on Tohatsu aftermarket props. If anyone on here has experience changing theirs for added performance, I would appreciate some insight.
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    Before I get 15 replies telling me I need to provide speed and RPMs, I will eventually, motor isn't even hung on the boat yet. Just looking for a good starting point. I care more abut top end than hole-shot. Boat is Alweld 1656 2deg of deadrise weight is listed at 575 + me 230 + fuel 35ish? +...
  6. Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    Selling this prop, don’t need it, have two others. I never ran this on the boat so don’t know numbers. Came with the boat. selling for 140 shipped.
  7. Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    I have a practically new Mercury SpitFire prop that I bought for a Yamaha F115. The Diameter is 13 and the Pitch is 17. This prop has only been run a few times. $350. The prop is in Marco Island, FL. Will ship at purchasers expense. Two39-82one-9203, text or call.
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    Hey guys I am new to props and out boards but I bought a sweet 2004 Yamaha 15hp two stroke for my gheenoe high sider. Everything is great on the motor but it came with a four blade stainless prop. I have heard from multiple people and forums that a 4 blade prop will be much slower than a 3 blade...
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    My 16’ whip is now powered with a Tohatsu 50. I am running a Powertech 13p 4 blade. The whole shot is decent and top end around 5900rpm is 29-31mph by myself running light. Any suggestions on prop to get stronger performance.
  10. Boating, Fishing and Marine Products for Sale
    Was used once for testing, and not allowed to ship back after use. So pretty much new, still in the box, 4-blade stainless prop for Evinrude/Johnson. It is a 13x21 and part number is 0763968. I had it on a 2016 E-tec 60hp. Sells brand new for just under $400, selling this one for $250 plus...
  11. General Discussion
    First post new member I'm running a new Yamaha 25hp with about 10 hours on it. It's mounted to a 1990 1542 duracraft. With me and my wife an turning right at 4970 to 5010 rpms on hardline tach. 20-21mph. That's using factory prop 9 7/8 x 11. What should i drop the pitch down to to get the...
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    Mercury Fury 4 prop. Less than 10 hours of use. - Size 4 x 14.5" x 26 pitch - Mercury PVS plugs included. - New retail is $749. Price: $475 + shipping Located in Broward County, FL if you want to save on shipping.
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    I am trying to identify what prop I already have on Yamaha 90 2s, I feel the boat is not reaching its peak performance, feels like Im not getting a very good top end speed, seems in the low 30s at most, and the holeshot seems fairly sluggish sometimes as well as the grab in turns. Some of it is...
  14. Prop Shop
    I have a 1992 Scout 141 Sport with a 1992 30 HP Yamaha 2 stroke. The prop on it came with the boat and is a very old and banged up 3 blade . I have no idea what the pitch is on it. I know it isn't much information but would a new prop speed me up any and any idea on by how much? Trying to decide...
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    Hey folks, this is my first post on the site, but have been a lurker for many years. I recently purchased a Gheenoe 15'4 (Highsider) that's powered by a Nissan 8 hp 4 stroke (NSF8a3). The stock prop had been replaced with a Solas 3 blade 8.5x7 aluminum prop. The motor runs great, I haven't had...
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    PowerTech YS50REB3R12P off of a Yamaha F60 -stainless steel -3 blade -10-3/8 diameter -12 cup Selling it for $215, open to offers. Would prefer local pick up in Charleston, SC but I'm happy to look into shipping elsewhere. Let me know if you need more photos or have questions. Thanks!
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    What prop are you Dolphin Super skiff boaters running? Which engine powers your boat?
  18. Introduce Yourself
    Hi all been waiting to post photos of my Carolina skiff j12 build I started with a bare hull added a mercury 15 4 stroke and a grab bar from there I installed lights a push pole and a bilge pump I took it out for the first couple runs down by goodland Florida and could hit 28 mph with two people...
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    I'm sure this has been harped on may times but I figured I would ask anyway. I am aware of the obvious pros and cons of each (price, performance, durability etc.) Assuming we are talking about an engine over 30 hp, what are your opinions on having a stainless vs an aluminum prop? Mainly the cost...
  20. Prop Shop
    I have a 25hp Merc and currently it has a 13P 3 blade aluminum prop on it (2106R 13)(38x13P). Problem: prop blow-out. Transom is 16 1/8" tall and this motor is a short shaft which measures 17" from mount to cav plate-Not much room there in height/can't adjust down. It blows out just before the...